Bitcache and MegaUpload creator Kim Dotcom have urged Bitcoin holders not to sell, as even mainstream news consumers stay bullish on its future.

In a tweet over the weekend, Dotcom, who is now fully signed up to Bitcoin to power his latest creation, reiterated the lucrative nature of ‘hodling’ funds.

“Congratulations,” he told followers. “Don’t sell yet.”

His comments came a day before WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange revealed he had turned 50,000 percent profits from Bitcoin funding of his resource, as a direct result of the US government blocking credit card payments.

Assange, also using Twitter, wryly expressed his “deepest thanks to the US government,” which made the decision back in 2010 when a single Bitcoin was worth less than $0.10.

While vocal proponents of Bitcoin’s long-term investment prospects are becoming increasingly well-known, a survey by CNBC meanwhile suggests more and more mainstream consumers are beginning to share their positivity.

Reporting on Assange, the publication asked users to choose a likely future Bitcoin price, without specifying a timeframe.

Out of three options - over $10,000, $6-8,000 and “Jamie Dimon is correct” - the majority of the roughly 5000 respondents chose the first, reflecting optimism as Bitcoin continues to circle all-time highs around $5,700 Monday.

Where does Bitcoin go from here?