Former BTCC COO Samson Mow has said in the event of a Bitcoin hard fork, Bitcoin Unlimited could become a “new altcoin.”

Citing information from exchanges Coinbase and Bitfinex, Mow tweeted on Wednesday that Bitcoin Unlimited would in the future list as $BTU or $XBU.

“That is if they even list it at all,” he added.

The news is the latest development in the ongoing clash between various development teams over how to scale the Bitcoin network.

Having continued for almost two years, rhetoric has recently adopted a more poignant tone as the Blockchain struggles to cope with demand and transaction fees rise considerably.

The latest solution championed by Core proponents is to let the ecosystem activate its Segregated Witness without depending on mining pools exclusively, the so-called User-Activated Soft Fork (UASF).


Earlier this week, Mow offered a one BTC bounty to anyone who could create “code enabling a safe UASF.”

As Bitcoin Unlimited proponent Roger Ver released his own mining pool on Monday, Mow called out the entrepreneur for “misleading advertising,” quoting a source stating his 110 percent block reward was in fact “not much better” than existing options.

The mining reward is intended to incentivize nodes to support Bitcoin Unlimited.