Cointelegraph Native Ad Formats

Cointelegraph offers a wide variety of native ad formats. The main benefit of this kind of advertisement is that it delivers valuable information about your brand to audience members, without disrupting their everyday reading experience.

Native ads are known to be one of the most efficient ways of advertising. You can find detailed descriptions of the native ad inventory offered by Cointelegraph in the following articles:

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Sponsored Article

A sponsored article reads just like a regular article, many of which are published on Cointelegraph daily. The main difference is that it makes your business the focus of the story.

This is achieved by taking a certain trend which is relevant to your brand, and putting your company in the context of that trend. These articles are published on our main page, social media channels and the email newsletter.

How it looks

Sponsored Article

Sponsored Articles will help you achieve the following goals

  • Build customer trust
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Introduce your product to the community at large
  • Enhance your traffic inflow and attract new customers

Top facts about Sponsored Articles

  • Published on the Main Page + Social Media Channels (90k followers) + Email Newsletter (16k subscribers) + Telegram Channel (7k followers)
  • High-quality content produced by Cointelegraph authors
  • It can include expert commentary from some of the top speakers in the industry
  • The entire production process is conducted in cooperation with you.