A cryptocurrency swap platform has the champagne on ice as it celebrates its fifth anniversary — and is reflecting on some of its biggest achievements since launching back in April 2015.

Changelly is planning to mark the milestone with a campaign to celebrate how far it has come over the past five years, hosting special promotions with its partners, including Blockchain Cuties, Enjin, NEXO, Bitdegree and Trezor. Customers past and present are being encouraged to get involved.

The company began life as a small startup consisting of five people and initially supported 30 cryptocurrencies. Come January 2016, it already had more than 100,000 active users. Fast-forward to today, and it has now earned the trust of over 2 million people worldwide, the team says. Every enhancement has been driven by the goal of ensuring cryptocurrencies are accessible for all.

Over the years, the company has struck partnerships with an array of other firms in the fintech and crypto industries. Major wallet providers including Trezor, Jaxx, Ledger and Exodus serve thousands of customers with the help of Changelly’s technology — a powerful reminder that the quest for mass adoption is not a solo journey. Other collaborations have enabled users to purchase digital assets using Mastercard and Visa.

How times have changed

There have also been a series of improvements made to the Changelly platform since its debut on April 12, 2015, when the price of a single Bitcoin was just $224. (At the time of writing, BTC is now worth about 30 times more.)

Making it easier for everyday consumers to use their dollars, pounds and euros to purchase BTC, ETH and countless other coins is just one example. Another priority has been ensuring that the whole community — including newcomers — have access to all of the customer support they need. In 2018, a 24/7 live chat service was added to provide assistance around the clock — a level of service rarely offered by rival instant crypto exchanges at the time, the team notes. 

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Over the past two years, Changelly has also been working on cultivating a broader ecosystem. A deep search for a partnership with a major wallet provider began, and development commenced on a mobile app that would deliver the best swapping experience for crypto users who are continually on the move. This innovation was music to the ears of many in the community who were fed up with having to use their computers whenever they wanted to complete a transaction.

Making crypto better

Another priority has involved providing its ever-increasing user base with greater levels of information, as well as confidence whenever they are completing a transaction.

Following a relaunch in November 2018, fixed-rate exchanges started to be offered through some of Changelly’s API partners — and were later rolled out to all users. Even during times of volatility in the market, this feature guaranteed that quoted rates would be honored, even if they were subject to sudden fluctuations just seconds later. It was designed to provide some much-needed certainty for those who may be taking their first steps into cryptocurrency, not to mention those aiming to transfer large amounts of funds.

Changelly says it has been putting significant effort into developing an attractive, seamless user journey for those who want to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat. The company believes that offering a simple but comprehensive service is crucial for unlocking mass adoption, especially considering that other methods used to acquire crypto are often more complex.

A lot has happened in five years, for Changelly and the industry as a whole. Once the champagne has flowed and the anniversary has been marked, the hard work will begin on boosting crypto adoption over the next five years.

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