Litecoin is still standing between two price levels of $3.50 and 3.80, somewhere near $3.60. It seems that situation would only change when the Bitcoin price moves away from $450.


DASH bottomed out at a price of 0.056, having lost about 6% in a day. If the Bitcoin price moves up, DASH would probably move to another bottom, but Bitcoin price corrections will give DASH a chance to make a new start from this level.


Dogecoin resists the inevitable, holding its price at the level of 30 Satoshi. Last night the price even fell down to 28 Satoshi, so it is not the best idea to place buy orders at 30 Satoshi now. Even the price of 28 and 29 doesn't look attractive to place buy orders anymore.


ETH left the "flag" of the technical analysis with the move down. There are neither trend, nor figures on the ETH daily chart now. So far, we shouldn't expect much more from ETH, rather than staying at the level of 0.002.


Peercoin isn't inclined to make any surprises, and today its chart is boring. Even a genius won't be able to trade profitably in such range — 42-43 cents.


The price of Neucoin falls while the trade volumes grow. So, the idea of placing buy orders at the level of $8 for 1000 Neucoin and lower is correct. So far we saw only $8.27 for 1000 Neucoin, but each trader has such a situation when the price slightly doesn't reach the order. Well, it’s still no reason to rearrange the orders above. It is simply necessary to wait.

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