Litecoin is approaching the level of $3.80 which has been tested many times before. Now everything is dependent on Bitcoin. Whether it will continue moving up or go down in correction. Thus, LTC/BTC pair is standing still on 0.086-0.088.


DASH is in the region of 0.06 and constantly decreasing. It’s good to place buy orders at the level of 0.056-0.057, with the targets to get 0.06-0.067. However, no special activity in the market has been noticed. This market is also in expectation of a dependence on the activity of Bitcoin.


Dogecoin price now is in the range of 32-34 Satoshi, gradually decreasing after a recent top price. Today we shouldn't expect any considerable movements.


On the 4-hour chart we can see that ETH has made a start from a bottom evel of around 0.018, which couldn’t succeed to achieve more than a price of 0.020. Both the trend to turn back or a continuation movement are both possible. Anyway, now we are at an important boundary.


Peercoin stood at the level of $0.42 - $0.43, which isn't bad at all. After all, recently it reached a price of $0.439. However, no tendency to grow is visible yet, Both the BTC/PPC pair falling under the rate of 0.001 and traders loosing interest, resulted in a reduction in trade volumes.


Only Neucoin seems to be pleasing traders with considerable fluctuations, however, thus we now see a decrease. Having reached the top of $9.5 for 1000 Neucoin last night, in the morning this digital currency fell down to $8.5 for 1000 Neucoin, and continues decreasing.

The analysis and prognosis are the personal views of the author and are not a recommendation to buy or sell Bitcoins.