Litecoin price continues to fluctuate in the area of $3.40 - $3.50, and decreasing very slowly. After all this is a decrease, rather than a hitch in growth. The LTC:BTC pair has already reached 0.0076-0.0079. Miners don't have trust in Litecoin, and are getting rid of the cryptocurrency. Only a new round of growth in Bitcoin could lift Litecoin above today's indicators of the price.


DASH feverishly moves between the strong level of local bottom 0.0056 and one more strong level of 0.0059-0.006. It gives traders possibilities of earnings on short transactions. Buy orders at the levels of 0.0056 and below are still interesting.


Dogecoin remains at 30 Satoshi. On the chart we can see that the price has been in the range of 30 Satoshi for almost 2 weeks. Quite good trading volumes say that this level is strong and overcoming it isn’t in the Dogecoin plans soon.


ETH couldn’t keep the level of 0.002. The release of important Ethereum updates is postponed, and since the beginning of this week the price moves down. Whether there will be a movement down sharp or slip? Not sure yet. Placing buy orders at the level of 0.0014 and below will be in favor.


Peercoin continues to decrease smoothly. The price of $0.391 became the next local minimum. Though the price of Bitcoin practically didn't change, the exchange rate of PPC:BTC fell considerably, having already reached 0.00089. It isn't known yet whether the disappointment of Peercoin miners will stop.


While the general altcoin market background is quite depressive, Neucoin happily pleases. Having good (for Neucoin) trading volumes, we can see price growth to $10.5. Neu temporarily fixing its positions over the level of $10 for 1000 Neucoin. For those who bought Neucoin at a price below $8 last night, this fact is especially pleasant.

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