Litecoin continues its tortures around $3.50, and can’t decide which direction to move in next. LTC:BTC tested the level of 0.008 and now tries to jump from this level. While Bitcoin decreases, Litecoin is counterbalancing at around $3.50.


A one days growth of the DASH price by 20% came as a  surprise, especially after yesterday's growth of more than for 12%. Having jumped from 0.0067 to 0.0087, DASH remains in first place when measured by trading volume, having left ETH far behind. It means that DASH has excellent prospects in the coming year. As a result, the chart of DASH for December looks so:


Dogecoin develops a correctional movement, being already on 31 Satoshi. A top at the level of 33 Satoshi gives Dogecoin’s traders a chance to close transactions with profit. The only thing that would be desirable by New Year, would be purchases of Dogecoin lower than 30 Satoshi.


Since yesterday ETH’s price grew considerably, up by 5% in a day. The descending trend which we saw yesterday, is suddenly broken, which is also a surprise. It seems that ETH looks into the year 2016 with optimism. The area good for purchases remains the same, close to a local bottom lower than 0.0018.


Peercoin is in hibernation at $0.40. It is interesting, whether this cryptocurrency will wake up at the striking of the clock for New Year?


Neucoin moved lower than $8 for 1000 Neucoin, and following movements are uncertain, thus,trading volume for this cryptocurrency is rather large. Usually Neucoin doesn't go lower than $8 for 1000 Neucoin for a long time, but now before the beginning of the New Year anything might happen. So maybe, Neucoin will give us even more favorable levels for purchases.

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