Litecoin continues its painfully slow slide down. The recent top was reached at the level of $3.53, and a local bottom at $3.42. There are almost no fluctuations of the price which means that Litecoin is facing a lack of interest from traders. At the same time, the exchange rate of LTC to BTC overcame the level of 0.008. However, no steady growth is present. On the contrary — the price tested the level of 0.0083, then moved to the top of 0.0082, and now moves lower. It seems that there is a high probability of a continuation of the price slipping down to a level of 0.008.


DASH has made an improbable jump, more than for 12% in just 24 hours, and trading volume, for the first time in a long time, moved DASH to the leading positions on the market. The move from 0.0062 to 0.00737 isn't bad at all.


Yesterday's success of Dogecoin didn't develop, having rolled down from 35 to 31 Satoshi. It is interesting, whether there will be a test of the level of 30 Satoshi, or will 31 Satoshi become the new level of support? For today, the second option is more probable as this trading volume deserves respect.


The price of ETH was in a falling-down trend for quite a long time and paused only on December 25. After short-term growth the trend began going down again, but is already a little higher. Now a level lower than 0.0019 is interesting to place buy orders as there is a high probability that the price will make a start back up from this point again.


Peercoin’s price stays on one of its favorite levels of $0.40. The exchange rate of PPC to BTC thus fluctuates within 0.00093-0.00097.


After recent dances at the tops of $10 and even $11 for 1000 Neucoin this cryptocurrency tries frantically to keep the level of $8, which is an interesting opportunity to make purchases.

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