Litecoin’s price seems to have gotten stuck at the same level. Any movement is going to be extremely sluggish and painfully slow today. At the same time, the exchange rate of the LTC:BTC pair has recovered a little, having made a start from a local bottom and moved into the range of 0.0078-0.008. The previous level of support of 0.008 turned into resistance.


The price of DASH grew by 10% in a day, and not just in one sharp shot, but as the beautiful ascending trend. The local maximum thus was in the area of 0.0638.  Though, during the ascending movement there were some prices falling to 0.00585, which means that placing buy orders lower than 0.006 is a potentially profitable opportunity for traders.


Dogecoin’s position didn't change and is still at 30-31 Satoshi. If Dogecoin holds on to this level, perhaps, the market will have a long-awaited optimism.


ETH stopped falling, and doesn't go lower than 0.0018 anymore. Probably, the down trend is over. However, the possibility of movement up is a big question as well.


If yesterday Peercoin was a little dynamic, today it got stuck tightly in the range of $0.41 - $0.42. But the most positive fact today is that the exchange rate of PPC:BTC stopped falling in the range of 0.00092-0.00094.


Tonight Neucoin managed to fall from $9 to $8.7 for 1000 Neucoin, and then grow back to $9.4, and then again fall to $8.7. Low trading volume doesn’t give confident movement up or down yet.

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