Do altcoin cryptocurrencies await the performance of Bitcoin? Will Bitcoin fall from the $450 ceiling or push on to levels of $500 and more? Litecoin once again stood at $3.80, and is expected to roughly track Bitcoin’s rise and fall. Previously LTC:BTC had fallen to 0.079, having jumped sharply from 0.084. Now LTC:BTC is at 0.082 and continues to trend down.


DASH loses 7% a day against the growth of the Bitcoin price, and goes under the level of 0.06. Bitcoin price growth continuation will lead DASH to fall to a level of 0.05 exchange rate and below, while long-awaited Bitcoin correction can give a chance to make a new start from the level of 0.06.


Dogecoin is already at 29-31 Satoshi, and for this cryptocurrency comes the moment of truth as well. Will it make a start from 30 Satoshi, or go under the level of 30 for a long time? The likelihood of both scenarios is similar.


ETH has slowed its strong start. The previously established uptrend changed to a young downtrend. Is possible to recommend 0.02 for buy orders in such conditions? Instability of growth forced some traders to say that it was not an uptrend but a correction before a global advance to 0.015.


Peercoin is interesting in that the PPC:BTC pair went under the level of 0.001 having reached 0.0094, and settled back to 0.00102. Growth of Peercoin price vs the US Dollar could be caused only by the growth of Bitcoin. Now it depends entirely on big brother – will Peercoin make a start up from today's $0.44 - $0.45?


In recent days Neucoin gave us more than one opportunity to open the order for 1000 Neucoin at 11$, and to close at $12. Now this cryptocurrency went to $10.50, and that can present opportunities for us to place buy orders soon. But be careful — total market capitalization doesn't exceed $1000 USD, and even a one hundred dollar buy order can make you the marketmaker, maybe even against your will.

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