Dash is continuing its international expansion plans, announcing its listing on BitPanda and offline Russian exchange MaRSe.

Based in Europe, BitPanda will allow anyone to buy the privacy-centric altcoin using a range of mainstream payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Sofort and SEPA.

“Firstly, BitPanda is the type of high-quality broker we need on the Dash ecosystem; they offer multiple payment options as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum integration so it's huge news for European users,” Dash vice president of business development Daniel Diaz commented in an accompanying press release Wednesday.

“Secondly, MaRSe is the largest and most reputable Russian exchange for Bitcoin and now Dash, so we expect trading volumes to increase.”

Russia’s recent softening of threats to ban cryptocurrency use means the giant potential market is now more open than ever.

After sustaining a price per token around $100 for around two months, Dash is witnessing growth not just in user base but of its entire ecosystem. Even dedicated tax reporting software has debuted in the US, hinting at the belief the altcoin will continue to mature as a mainstream market.

“Recently we observed a significant increase in demand within our customer base for Dash. We carefully observe the market before we add a new technology to our platform. Continuous development, as well as a stable community, are important parameters for us,” BitPanda CEO Eric Demuth said.