The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) is leading the first Blockchain trade mission to Dubai in direct partnership with the US Department of Commerce.

The pioneering four-day visit, which includes participation from a number of Blockchain companies, comes as part of efforts to make Dubai a Blockchain city by 2020.

Representatives from Bloq, Cisco and Netki among others are on board what is the world’s first certified trade mission centered specifically on Blockchain.

Milestone of exciting time

“This mission comes at an exciting time,” the US Ambassador to the UAE Barbara A. Leaf stated in an accompanying release issued Tuesday.

“Leading US financial technology providers are here to share the latest in Blockchain technology developments with UAE banks, investment firms, and government agencies to ensure the integrity of financial transactions.”

The move also marks a milestone for the CDC itself, which has until now focused more on domestic advocacy of fair policy regarding Blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation.

Dubai has adopted an aggressive program of Blockchain and IoT innovation at state infrastructure level over the past few years, with multiple international partnerships aiming to make the 2020 Blockchain deadline come to fruition.

CDC founder Perianne Boring added:

“The UAE represents a progressive view in Blockchain adoption, and serves as a great example for other governments around the world. We look forward to creating new business opportunities and partnerships, thereby advancing global adoption of Blockchain technology.”

Dubai is also the home of a major Bitcoin-only real estate venture with the backing of the UK’s Baroness Mone, which will see apartments worth over $330 mln built for purchase with the virtual currency through 2019.