Ethereum was the darling of cryptocurrencies for the first half of the year but has fallen on hard times. Multiple hacks and huge losses, as well as the announcement of security regulation by the SEC, have left the system a bit undervalued according to some analysts.


ETHWaterloo, however, continues to market itself as the largest Ethereum hackathon in the world. Set to kick off in October of this year, the gathering will include a chance for developers to work alongside some of the biggest names in the Ethereum world. Speakers at the event include Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin, Jeff Coleman and others. The event also includes all meals throughout each day, as well as educational materials for Ethereum newbies.

Market relevance

Ethereum price has been a point of contention for users, and the market itself has taken a beating over the past months. However, enthusiasts believe that the overall utility of Ethereum and the applications that it can support will make it the most useful and valuable cryptocurrency in short order. The reality, though, is that more developers are needed, and ETHWaterloo seems to agree, commenting:

"We believe that by creating an Ethereum-focused hackathon in one of the greatest cities for developers, we can help introduce incredibly talented developers to the developer ecosystem we are building."

Whether the market is really there for such large numbers of Ethereum system developers remains to be seen, however, and issues like the SEC announcement for DAO will likely produce fear among future developers.