Former presidential candidate and known cryptocurrency proponent Andrew Yang has announced a new initiative to protect privacy online.

After ending his presidential bid last month, Yang has announced the creation of new nonprofit organization called Humanity Forward. It aims to “rewrite the rules” of economy and society with a focus on data privacy.

Announcing the news in a March 5 tweet, Yang outlined that the group is building a human-centered America, calling for donations to support the movement. Despite Yang previously accepting donations within his presidential campaign in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Humanity Forward doesn’t support donations in crypto as of launch, according to details on the website.

“Data as a property right” is a major principle of the new organization

According to the organization’s description, Humanity Forward is dedicated to continuing the movement inspired by Andrew Yang’s 2020 presidential campaign that includes major aspects like universal basic income (UBI), human-centered capitalism, and “data as a property right.”

Focusing on the protection of data by online users, the new nonprofit organization calls for data privacy in terms of basic human rights, arguing that all individuals need to own their own data. Specifically, Humanity Forward stands against online platforms that collect data of their users to pass or sell it to entities like advertisers or fraudulent services. Humanity Forward urges that such malpractices need to stop, calling people to fight for their privacy rights.

The statement reads:

“Some companies haven’t done enough to protect our data, resulting in breaches that have made our private information insecure. Others have sold it to disreputable companies, allowing them to target us for everything from marketing fraudulent services to influencing elections. Companies themselves have asked for better and clearer rules.”

The “Data as a Property Right” statement also apparently refers to some data privacy-oriented initiatives such as a state-level California Consumer Privacy Act that was enacted in January 2020. Humanity Forward urges that people should be aware of such laws and ensure that companies comply with them:

“Certain states have adopted new laws that enable consumers to exercise control of their data rights. Our goal is to make it so that companies fulfill their obligations under these laws and that YOU - the consumer - benefit and share in that value.”

As reported by Cointelegraph, Yang dropped out of the presidential race on Feb. 11 after getting 1% of the primary vote in the state of Iowa. The ex-presidential candidate is specifically known for promising to provide every American adult with $1,000 a month as part of his UBI idea in case he is elected president. In November 2019, Bitcoin proponents criticized Yang for trying to give everybody fiat instead of money.

The news comes as another presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, dropped out of the presidential race on March 5.