A Chilean-based exchange says its goal is to deliver easy access to crypto for the Latin American community.

Cripto InterCambio’s offering comes amid growing interest in the industry across the region. Confronted with ever-increasing levels of hyperinflation, Venezuelans have been embracing crypto — with record trading volumes reported as consumers abandon the bolivar. The country’s central bank has also been exploring whether or not to hold Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) in its coffers, adding validity to crypto in the eyes of the public.

The company says its exchange service is instantaneous and that more than 100 cryptocurrencies — including the most popular assets in Latin America like DASH, DOGE, BTC and ETH — can be bought and sold with ease. Cripto InterCambio’s noncustodial nature means users always remain in full control of their funds, adding peace of mind at a time when hack attacks are continually making the headlines.

Emphasis on anonymity

Given the political climate in certain parts of Latin America, Cripto InterCambio says one of its priorities has been delivering anonymity to the users who need it most. The company says no registration is required in order to complete a transaction, and exchanges are usually fulfilled within minutes. Better still, a user-friendly interface ensures the experience is stress-free and easy to understand — even for those who have little knowledge about transacting in cryptocurrencies.

For those who need assistance, customer support is provided in both Spanish and Portuguese 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cripto InterCambio is available here

According to Cripto InterCambio, Latin America could very well be the starting point for cryptocurrency’s big break as it undergoes a massive transformation. This has been coupled with rising demand for instant exchange services that offer a convenient yet safe way of swapping assets. The company highlights its limitless exchange volumes and zero fees, helping to deliver value for money for hundreds of millions of prospective customers.

Helping startups

Cripto InterCambio also says it is determined to give back to the community — and is “constantly focused” on developing startups within Latin America.

Returning to the benefits for consumers, Cripto InterCambio says that its connection with “the largest and most reliable” cryptocurrency exchanges — with an algorithm searching for up-to-the-minute bids and asks — helps give users peace of mind that they are receiving the best rates possible when buying and selling.

According to the company’s website, Cripto InterCambio has been built by a team of pioneers and experienced blockchain developers who are determined to deliver quick and safe transactions without compromising on anonymity. This privacy is not at the expense of security, as transactions can be monitored and verified at every stage of the process.

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