MAR 18 DIGEST: Facebook Launches P2P Payments, Coinapult Hacked, and More

Facebook Messenger adds a new payment feature, Coinapult gets hacked for 150 BTC, MGT Capital Investments suspends merger discussions with Tera Group, 'Evolution' Dark Net marketplace turned out to be a scam, and more top stories that happened on March 18.

Facebook Announces P2P Money Transfer Feature

Facebook announced a new payments feature that allows users to send money through its messaging app, Facebook Messenger, by linking their Visa or MasterCard.

The company said it was not looking to "build a payments business," but rather offer a nice and convenient feature that will make Facebook Messenger "more useful, expressive and delightful."

The new feature is expected to roll out in the US in the coming months.

Facebook Announces P2P Money Transfer Feature

Admins Exit 'Evolution' Scam

Evolution, one of the largest black marketplaces on the Dark Net, vanished overnight with admins reportedly exiting what turned out to be a scam scheme.

"I have admin access to see parts of the back end, the admins are preparing to exit scam with all the funds," a former staff member