Diamond, which is believed to be an online alias of an unknown corrupt FBI agent, has been threatening to kill Silk Road Architect Variety Jones and torture Ross Ulbricht’s mother and sister to obtain the password to an encrypted bitcoin wallet containing over 300,000 BTC or US$70 million which previously belonged to Ulbricht, the creator of the Silk Road.

Diamond believed that Variety Jones, with his involvement in creating the Silk Road could help him gain access to the funds. “He wants me to move to Singapore, where he can set up a safe house and know that I'm clear of the clutches of the DOJ,” claimed Jones on the MyPlantGanja forum.

Furthermore, Jones claims that Diamond provided classified information about the Silk Road investigation ahead of time, specifically about former special agents Carl Mark Force IV and Shaun Bridges, to U.S. law enforcement officials charged for moving the seized funds during the Silk Road investigation to their private bitcoin and bank accounts. Since only high ranking members of the FBI have the power and authority over this type of information, the information on the two agents convinced Jones to believe that Diamond is an FBI official.

He continued:

“I wasn't taking him serious in the beginning, and even once I realized he was who he said, and he was amassing millions of dollars in ill gotten gains, it wasn't until he started obsessing on the kidnappings, that I realized I had a lunatic on my hands. A lunatic highly placed in the FBI, with a massive off the books private budget, who thought that kidnapping and torture were the solution to his problems, and he starting to get a few other screws loose, as well. I do know how to pick my enemies.”

Since Jones was not interested in cooperating with Diamond in obtaining the keys for the encrypted wallet, Diamond’s threats aggravated each day.

“He also started to get nastier and nastier, because I refused to cooperate in his planning to obtain the keys to the encrypted wallet,” he said. “I became inured to his regular threats, but I know he was serious. Basically, if I didn't do exactly what he wanted, or ended up in custody of any authority, he'd have me killed.”

According to Jones, Diamond revealed his “back up plan” to have Ulbrict on a video call, and torture his mother and sister until he would release the passphrase (private key) to the wallet holding US$70 million. Diamond persistently continued to threaten Jones and have him killed with his power and resources at the FBI.

After Jones realized that Diamond is an official FBI officer with a lot of power and authority at his hands, Jones started to search for ways to catch Diamond and reveal his true identity.

Jones began to look for opportunities to get a hold of Diamond on Agora, when he discovered a tiny piece of evidence to trail his identity. However, Agora shut down on August 26, taking the last opportunity to catch Diamond, the corrupt FBI official with it.

With the last chance to capture Diamond gone, Jones decided to turn himself to the FBI, in return for the protection. Jones cautioned the family members of Ulbricht and law enforcements to make sure that Ulbricht’s sister or mother do not end up being kidnapped by Diamond.

“Someone has to make sure he doesn't succeed in kidnapping Ross's sister and/or mother, and it would be kind of swell of them to make sure Ross doesn't come to any harm at the hands of one of Diamond's agents as well. Diamond, you're not getting the US$75,000,000,” said Jones.

[Editor's Note: The real identity of 'Diamond' and the information contained in the above article have not been confirmed.]