A digital payment provider is bringing crypto payments to retailers and consumers through a suite of products — including a sleek, modern physical terminal.

Lunu’s point-of-sale device comes in an array of skins and can process a plethora of cryptocurrencies as well as credit cards and contactless payments made using smartphones. Executives have positioned their company as an aspirational 21st-century brand that has art and social responsibility in its DNA — with a laser-like focus on design.

The terminal is complemented by a cutting-edge processing service that delivers decentralized and competitive exchange rates — through its patented arbitrage system and instant auctions. This delivers access to market-based crypto-to-fiat exchange rates, instead of Lunu imposing its own like other providers. A dedicated widget delivers a seamless experience for e-commerce platforms, while a mobile wallet enables shoppers to store digital assets securely and exchange them for fiat currency with a low commission rate.

Innovation and fairness are two key tenets of Lunu’s retail-oriented solution. To encourage adoption, retailers only have to pay a 1% transaction fee whenever payments are processed — a rate that fiat-focused brands such as Visa and Mastercard cannot match. Payments are also settled instantly, with funds immediately converted into fiat so merchants don’t need to deal with digital assets directly.

Redefining money

Lunu Solutions’ chief marketing officer, Vadim Grigoryan, told Cointelegraph that our relationship with money has evolved dramatically over the years — rapidly moving away from coins and banknotes and entering the digital realm.

“Since money is fundamentally a mental abstraction of symbolic representation of value, what money is and what it will be, can be limited only by human imagination. At Lunu Solutions, we believe that the future of money will be digital, and we encourage this money metamorphosis by creating an ecosystem of integrating cryptos into real life,” he added.

Artem Shaginyan, Lunu’s co-founder and CEO, explained that the company’s mission is to powerfully illustrate how digital assets can be more efficient than the payment methods already on the market — and straightforward for everyday consumers to use.

“Lunu Solutions is the only crypto payment provider so far that has focused all its offering on ensuring the efficiency and user experience of retail transactions,” he said.

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The company added that it’s on a mission to demystify digital assets and the possibilities and benefits that they bring. According to Lunu, cryptocurrencies are no longer an asset class used solely by a handful of geeks — pointing to research that shows there are now more than 100 million crypto users worldwide.

Champagne for everyone

Lunu’s suite of products has been embraced by a plethora of merchants — including the French wine and champagne store Vin Malin. The high-end jeweler Courbet has also rolled out Lunu’s terminals in his flagship showroom.

The company is also giving back and is collaborating with TBA 21 Academy to facilitate crypto donations in the culture sector — an industry that has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Lunu was an official supporter of Territorial Agency: Oceans In Transformation, an exhibition that aimed to save the world’s oceans.

Meanwhile, the artist Laurent Grasso has created a series of T-shirts inspired by blockchain technology that are available exclusively through Lunu’s shop, which showcases the full experience that retailers and consumers can expect.

Through high-profile partnerships like this, Lunu says it is helping to close the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real world.

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