Information technology (IT) company Fujitsu has announced that it is advancing its two-fold plan to commercialize its enterprise-focused distributed ledger platform or Blockchain technology.

The company will soon commence selling its services that aim to boost the efficiency of both internal corporate operating systems and operations that link prospective clients.

According to a spokesperson of the company, they intend to offer the business model in various industries:

"We don't intend to limit it to one business model, but want to use it various ways. As Blockchain becomes faster, we hope to achieve stable responsiveness even when user numbers swell."

Pilot testing the software

In July 2017, Fujitsu’s research unit, Fujitsu Laboratories has successfully tested the Fabric software at the P2P Financial Systems 2017 conference held in London, England. The company claimed that it had achieved a 2.7 times increase in the rate of transactions made when using the software.

The statement issued by the company at that time partly reads:

"Fujitsu Laboratories implemented this technology in Hyperledger Fabric v0.6.1 and measured transaction performance on a Blockchain platform consisting of four servers. Whereas the previous method could handle 500 transactions per second, Fujitsu Laboratories achieved 1,350 transactions per second using this newly developed technology, an improvement of approximately 2.7 times."

According to the company, the software’s performance of 1,350 transactions per second will bode well to their clients who are seeking “high performance” tool.

Fujitsu vs. IBM

With its commercialization plan, Fujitsu is expected to compete with another technology company, IBM, in selling the software in the market.

A Fujitsu spokesman, however, claimed that the firm is not too focused on building its system using the same technology as an ostensible competitor.