A hacker has attacked and crippled the Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) system for a ransom of 1 Bitcoin, or about $8,000 at today’s market value. The attack erased important programs that are necessary for planning and dispatching bus routes, as well as dispatching employees for service.

In an odd move, the hacker demanded a single Bitcoin in order to stop making the attacks and to allow the computer team at SacRT to get the system back online. According to a message sent by the hackers:

“Hello, I will always attack your website, we are hackers. We can do everything. Pay us now to stop attacking.”

The hack raised awareness and SacRT removed all its credit card payment options until full security can be achieved. It may take several days to get the system back online to complete functionality.

The hack and ransom are odd in that the demands are so small. Other hacks this year include sizable amounts. HBO, Wipro, and Equifax all faced ransoms anywhere from $250,000 to over $75 mln. It appears the SacRT hacker can be bought off for a relatively small amount, though nevertheless causing much disruption.