SegWit2x’s list of detractors is growing daily as dedicated records site adds major discussion group Whalepool.

The trading group, which includes prominent cryptocurrency industry figures such as Charlie Shrem, asked NOB2X to update its listings to include them, marking the latest entity to signal formal opposition to the Bitcoin hard fork.

“We oppose NYA and support… Bitcoin,” the group confirmed on Twitter Wednesday.

SegWit2x is encountering more opposition as its network snapshot date nears. This week, both Korea’s largest Bitcoin meetup and a group of Latin American businesses and personalities also issued their formal opposition.

By contrast, some industry entities have openly embraced the hard fork, with Xapo confirming it was willing to rename the 2x chain ‘BTC’ should it receive suitable support.

NOB2X currently includes close to 100 signatories including well-known exchanges such as Kraken and Localbitcoins, media outlets and scam alert resource Bad Bitcoin.

The latter of these caused a stir last month when it removed Roger Ver’s from its safelist of trusted sites, later pinning it to the top of its ‘Alerts’ due mainly to Ver’s strong advocacy of alternative Bitcoin blockchain Bitcoin Cash.

Meanwhile, November’s second hard fork, known as Bitcoin Gold, has attracted barely any attention at all, its network snapshot due to take place around October 25.