Cryptocurrency scam alert website has removed popular news and information outlet from its ‘Safelist’ of trusted resources.

In a surprising move seemingly stemming from CEO Roger Ver’s support of the upcoming SegWit2x hard fork, Badbitcoin tweeted Friday that a place on its Safelist was a “privilege.”

“Inclusion in our safelist is a privilege (sic) that cannot be bought,” it wrote, suggesting it would also remove BitPay and Xapo.


The move means lurks in a gray area in the eyes of the directory, which has existed since 2014 and is now widely known. A further deterioration could see Ver’s product listed on the same level as infamous quasi-scams such as OneCoin and MMM Global.

Cause for the uproar appears to be increased allegations of foul play by proponents and developers of SegWit2x, which plans to fork off from the Bitcoin network in November.

Justifying its actions, Badbitcoin cited a tweet from Samourai Wallet developer TDevD, which claimed was a “direct threat aimed at the heart of what we stand for.”

Meanwhile, the rhetoric surrounding the upcoming hard fork has increased in intensity significantly, involving major figures such as Blockstream CEO Adam Back.

The rift in the community is reminiscent of the Bitcoin scaling debate, with constant arguments centered around social media involving both supporters and opponents of SegWit2x.