The U.S. Dollar has ruled the financial world for longer than most of us have been alive. As far as the vast majority of us knows, the world orbits the sun, and the sun orbits the U.S. Dollar. Every nation in the world has been forced to become a loyal subject of this Western-based hegemony for decades, and the U.S. has been living on an unlimited credit card ever since World War II.

This cozy world of fiat dominance, well-maintained at the barrel of a gun, has worked out incredibly well for the U.S. Government, its central bankers, and the citizens of the republic.

Well, I’m here to report to you that the days of $499 42” HD TVs and $1.99 gallons of gas are numbered, and a new economic reality show is about to begin.

One that will be built around technological innovations like Bitcoin’sblockchain technology and new dedicated instruments like Ripple. These protocols will help change the monetary systems of the world forever, systems that frankly are long overdue for an upgrade, and the ‘American Empire’ will never be the same again.

Fools and vested interests may end up blaming ‘The Blockchain’

First things first. I titled this article this way for a reason. The U.S. Dollar is going to collapse, and it will collapse regardless of the implementation of these new technologies.

In the coming years, when the U.S. Dollar has been removed from its global leadership position, there may be a spin from vested interests to blame the newdigital currency technologies wrought by Bitcoin for this economic reset.

This would be as foolish as blaming CGI for the relatively poor movies we have been left with over the last two decades. This financial ‘House of Cards’ was tumbling down long beforeBitcoin and blockchain technologies came along.

The nations of the world both admire, hate, and fear the United States. When you have one country creating the world’s best entertainment, importing and cultivating the world’s best technologies, producing the world’s largest military force, and commanding the world’s “global reserve currency,” what you have is a true global empire, not unlike Rome was a couple of millennia ago.

This has led to an American military base in virtually every nation in the world, copious amounts of U.S. Dollars in every central bank in the world, and an international resentment for this level of seemingly unlimited access and control of the world.

The other 190+ nations of the world would love to remove this ‘American empire,’ and are burning the Midnight Oil to do just that, or are waiting to join someone who can. Just like with Rome, all empires must collapse.

I would recommend you check out Doug Casey’s “The International Man” free newsletter. It goes over the similarities between the fall of the Roman Empire andthe coming fall of the American empire in painstaking detail. His wisdom should serve you well.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and the American empire is proving no different.

Who wouldn’t love and trust the U.S. Dollar?

The U.S. Dollar currency also is following a similar failed path to self-destruction. A quick economic lesson on how Global Reserve Currency status works.

When a single currency is chosen for reconciliation of international trade for all goods, be it steel, food, military equipment, or oil (creating the ‘Petrodollar,’) that is a called the global reserve currency status, which the U.S. Dollar currently enjoys.

These powers normally last a couple of generations, and then are reconstituted. The U.S. Dollar has managed to reign supreme over the world for well over 70 years, and like a 70 year-old person, it is running out of time, and it shows.

Whether it is through the Federal Reserve’s “Quantitative Easing,” the massive purchasing of gold by banks and governments recently, or the Federal Reserve being forced to buy their own Treasury Bonds to prop it up,because no other nation wants them anymore, every other nation is plotting, planning, and rooting for the Dollar’s coming demise, whether they say so publicly or not.

Being the global reserve currency forces nations to hold and use the U.S. Dollar for international trade, instead of their own currencies. This also allows the U.S. print trillions of dollars each year to pay for wars, debt and other financially irresponsible behavior.

Basically, it is a license to print money and abuse the global system, while exporting the inflation (amount of currency in circulation) to the rest of the world.

National debt

In exchange for these exported dollars, the U.S. gets the world’s finest goods and resources back, in exchange.

As long as this system continues, the US government can continue to go deeper into debt without suffering serious consequences, and they have been abusing this system for decades.

Just imagine being totally broke (If you wereover $19 trillion in debt, you’d be considered broke, too), yet every time you want to borrow money there’s a crowd of delighted lenders eager to replenish your wallet with fresh funds.

In addition, not only has the U.S. been piling on the debt and currency creation, but they have been muscling the world’s banking system to do their bidding, at will. Creating FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) is a great example.

TheFATCA regulations are designed to tax Americans who work abroad (the U.S. is the only country on Earth who does this) and they force the rest of the world to do the actual legal legwork.

All the documentation and vetting is done by the foreign banks, and any current, or former, U.S. citizen, or business, is attacked with paperwork, background checks, and scrutiny that is a chore for the banks to comply with, much less the entity themselves.

This has led to banks in other countries to turn away Americans due to the amount of work and oversight involved. Everything the American does must be reported back to the U.S. authorities and if not, the bank is excommunicated from the global banking system.

So the shorthand of it is a current, or former, American citizen shouldn’t expect to get a foreign bank account any time soon, and even if you do, you probably won’t want it.

This is basically a backdoor ‘capital control,’ keeping American funds in America, by regulating the citizen and the foreign country/bank.

In other words, the U.S. Government has gotten so good at creating new laws and regulations they are now creating them for the rest of the world to follow as well. How sweet is that?

In addition, foreign banks who don’t play ball are subject to massive fines by the United States if they don’t ‘play ball.’ Two years ago, French bank BNP Paribas had topay $9,000,000,000 in U.S. fines by helping clients dodge U.S. sanctions on Iran, Sudan and other countries.

If you want to turn France from a friend to an enemy, that’s a good place to start, by trying to bankrupt their major banks. There are countless examples of the U.S. bullying the globe with their laws, and using the global financial system they control as leverage.

Well, the nations of the world have had just about enough, and sure would like to find a better was in the 21st century. Foreign banks and governments aren’t interested in being American lap dogs for international taxation. They don’t like reporting everything to the U.S. because the U.S. says so. They don’t like military bases in their country, and they really aren’t interested in propping up the U.S. Dollar, which is being printed into oblivion, which doesn’t really cause Americans inflation as much as it causes the rest of the world inflation, which is America’s greatest export. Well, that and warfare.

International trades are supposed to be done via the U.S. Dollar, which artificially increases its use and demand for the USD worldwide, while keeping inflation in check, for Americans, as over half the dollars in circulation are used outside of the country for these trades.

What if you didn’t need USD to transmit value, and you could create a global digital system to do the same function, only much faster and cheaper, without the American middleman collecting a fee every time?

Well, now we get to where digital avenues like the blockchain and Ripple come in. The world is now ready for a better, 21st-century way of doing business. Using the USD for international trade is like using a newspaper to get the latest news. You’re really reading yesterday’s news today and international trades are really using yesterday’s technology to perform this function.

Banks, and now nations, are hoping onblockchain technology to do things faster, cheaper and more efficiently, and these newer systems will have nothing to do with the ‘ole C-note.

China: We have a better idea

China, in association with their BFF, Russia, have been working together to build economic systems that will give the world alternatives to the American Empire’s systems like the U.S.-controlled World Bank, the IMF, and the SWIFT system.

China and Russia

China has created the BRICS Development Bank, The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and theCross-border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) to buttress their future endeavors without need for the U.S. Dollar or the U.S. Government’s power plays.

They have asked the nations of the world if they want in, and have found a very receptive audience. The fact that China is amongst the world’s largest exporters, gold producers, rare earth minerals miners, and the second-largest economic power may have something to do with that.

Breaking up the well-established Western hegemony is the other side of that coin, so even American BFF’s like Great Britain, havechose to join China’s international economic initiatives, as a “Founding Member,” no less.

Will China become a global tyrannical economic mastodon like the U.S. in the future, once they have everyone onboard their ‘Silk Road’ to economic prosperity? Probably, but they are playing the part of the good host, for now, and that seems better than the alternative.

Plus, they don’t really need to create a villain to build a following with. The U.S. is doing a fine job of that, all by themselves. If China becomes a problem down the road, kich that can down the road. There is a problem here and now that needs to be dealt with from The West.

China has discussed the construction ofa digital currency of their own, i would necesitate blockchain technology, with Citibank and Deloitte. This most probably will be to facilitate an international economic trading system, if not a revised Chinese national monetary system, in the future.

With the amount of capital flight from China over the last two years, don’t discount the Chinese going fully-digital to close off these financial outflows in the future. However, initially, this is about getting off the USD system, bringing their global trading partners closer, and moving the U.S. off the global stage.

There are also new financial options, likeRipple. What was once the hot new altcoin that seemingly faded into irrelevance seems to be getting a second chance at stardom. Ripple’s mission was to optimize larger financial transfers, like those done between banks, not people. Well,Ripple has reached an agreement with a Japanese consortium of 15 banks, and 30 by next year, to use their protocol for payments and settlements.

This would allow payments that may take days to happen in real-time, and potentially provide a pathway off the U.S.-managed SWIFT system, saving the banks 90% in fees. Consider this a beta test that, if successful, will attract the rest of the world’s banks like moths to a flame.

Don’t forget the domestic collectivist movement

National indebtedness in the U.S. has passed $18 trillion, by far the most of any country in the history of the world. The rest of the planet has had it with the egregious economic policies of the American government and are building options that will remove the U.S. from power in the not-too-distant-future. Blockchan technology and Ripple are just another nail in the coffin of the U.S. Dollar.

There is a clearly a better way of doing international business.Bitcoin owners may have known this since 2009, but now the rest of the world is catching on.

The U.S. Dollar, and the government itself, are making their system obsolete through regulation, hubris, and silly Keynsian central planning. When, not if, the U.S. Dollar collpases from all of these internal, and extrenal, economic pressures, some countries will be more than ready for what comes next.

Keynesian economists have proven to be wrong about everything. You can’t print your way out of debt.Fiat money is debt, and every single fiat currency in the history of man has collapsed. The U.S. Dollar will be no different.

Central banksters, around the world, not just in the U.S., are gaming the system so that they win and you lose. Their minions are targeting cash and the $100 bill, and are trying to push the false narrative that cash is the key to terrorism.

Hey, why not ban cash altogether? Why not force every transaction through the banking system, so the banks can track everything, skim off the top, and apply endless fees to everything from your direct deposit to your debit card transactions?

If it were up to the banks and government, you would be dependent upon them for everything, and totally economically captured in the process, so you couldn’t be free to escape their clutches. Cash would never be an option because you have too much freedom and privacy when using cash, so they plan to ban cash, and aredoing so as we speak.

Former IMF minion Kenneth Rogoff is the latest pushing this collectivist agenda and propaganda into the mainstream via theWall Street Journal, openly criminalizing the use of cash.

Now, you shouldn’t have cash because a terrorist might use it. Next, you shouldn’t have Bitcoin, or you shouldn’t wear shoes or smartphones (Hey, terrorist use them too, right?) This argument is simply stupid and self-defeating, but never let the facts get in the way of a good fleecing of the sheeple.

Things like the USD $500 and $1000 bill have been effectively banned, and many similar bills in other major financial markets have as well. Has anything changed? Has terrorism slowed down, or accelerated since? The $100 bill is a real problem, but only if you live outside of the U.S., and want some form of financial sovereignty.

If you happen to hold one of these Treasury notes, I would invest it in something with a future, like Gold, Silver, or Bitcoin. You still have time, but not as much as you think.

Cash is a good thing because it may be the last form of economic freedom and privacy that we have, but no good thing lasts forever, and many vested interests are going to see to that. The Dollar’s has built up many, many opponents, for different reasons, both foreign and domestic, and they all seem ready for what comes next. Are you?

The blockchain and Ripple won’t kill the U.S. Dollar, but these advances may be drive the final nails needed into a coffin that is long overdue for this funeral. They represent a better economic mouse trap for economies of scale that is faster, cheaper, and peer-to-peer, cutting out the middleman (I wonder what that sounds like? Hey, I thought the Bitcoin concept couldn’t scale?)

The Dollar is dead, it's just not broke. This Treasury Note is not backed by anything but consumer confidence, and global confidence in the dollar is waning fast. Only Americans really want it, and they may get many more than they bargained for.

MRAP military vehicle

If your bank will let you have them (it is pretty much an illegal offense towithdraw as little as $1000 USD from U.S. banks, currently), you might want to get your dollars now and invest in your financial future, which probably will not include cash or Western-based systems. Join the Chinese, the Russians, and rest of the world. Plan for what’s coming next.

The U.S. is doing just that. Haven’t you seen the small towns get free MRAPmilitary vehicles, the orders forbillions of bullets, and the cryptic ‘Executive Orders?’ The U.S. government seems like they are getting ready for a war. Just don’t ask against who.