The city government of Boise, Idaho has signed a partnership with local Blockchain startup company ULedger. This alliance is intended to develop various use cases for Blockchain within the city’s technological infrastructure.

According to the city’s chief information officer (CIO), Darrin Harris, the city government is excited to become among the first cities in the world to adopt the technology to practice due to its revolutionary features.

"Blockchain is a transformative technology and through our relationship with ULedger, we are excited to become one of the first city governments to bring Blockchain and its many benefits to practice. We are looking to ULedger, and its stateless Blockchain protocol to mitigate data and security risks, improve data integrity and continuity, streamline process and deliver a first in class experience to the citizens of Boise."

Other governments around the world adopting Blockchain

Meanwhile, other municipal governments around the world are also assessing the various possible applications of Blockchain technology in their operations. In China, the local government of Chan Cheng District in Foshan City, Canton Province has utilized a prototype Blockchain-based platform called Intelligent Multifunctional Identity (IMI) for the registration of local residents during an election.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the local government of Dubai announced in March 2017 that it partnered with several organizations as part of its plan to adopt Blockchain systems in all government departments and operations by 2020.

Among these governments’ partner companies are technology firm IBM, which serves as Blockchain strategic partner, and New York-based Ethereum startup ConsenSys, which was tapped as Blockchain city advisor.