The advance of coronavirus in the region hasn’t precluded the launch of Huobi Thailand, which allows for a fiat gateway to BTC, ETH, HT, and USDT from the start, and plans to expand the offering in the near future according to the company’s press release Cointelegraph received today, March 5.


Last year, Huobi was awarded a “Digital Asset License” by Thailand’s Ministry of Finance, and more recently it was cleared by the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to Ciara Sun, VP of Global Business at Huobi Group, Huobi’s goal is

 “to help create an equitable world where wealth is more inclusive and attainable to anyone, anywhere. The launch of Huobi Thailand brings us one step closer to our goal and marks a new milestone in our global expansion.”

Long-term goals

Huobi has far-reaching long-term goals in Thailand as a much-coveted “Digital Asset License” grants it future access to the country’s:

“Digital payment networks to expand the accessibility and utility of digital assets for Thai nationals. Huobi Thailand will be able to integrate with the country’s top digital payments systems to enable cryptocurrency transactions across the country.”

As Cointelegraph has been reporting, the crypto industry in the region is not immune to the aftershocks of the virus outbreak, It remains to be seen if the virus outbreak has any bearing on Huobi’s long-term plans in the country.