The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project has finally released its first production Blockchain code, Fabric 1.0.

In announcements on Twitter and its blog Tuesday, Hyperledger, which already counts global giants such as IBM and SWIFT among its customers, called the release a “huge milestone for the community.”

“[...T]he project’s maintainers felt that the time was ripe to deliver a robust initial major release with the objective of allowing consumers and vendors of technology based on Hyperledger Fabric to advance to the next stage: production deployment and operations,” the blog post explained about the launch.

Hyperledger aims to offer financial institutions Blockchain-based transaction solutions able to scale to meet demands currently handled by legacy systems.

While the concept is still very much in its infancy, the scale of interest already generated by the project is palpable.

“These kinds [of] deep revolutions take some time, but I am confident that competent development teams inside organizations can start to look at that [Fabric] and go all the way to running it in production," Hyperledger's executive director Brian Behlendorf told the New York Times.

Correspondingly, development will continue on the raft of features designed to form part of the final product in years to come.

“Are we done? Not at all. There’s still much to be done on the journey to delivering on the promise of Blockchain in the enterprise,” the company continued.