Hypethon at BlockShow means 10 carefully selected, innovative Blockchain-based startups launching their ICOs right at BlockShow Asia on November 29-30 offering exclusive conditions to its supporters.

The coming BlockShow Asia 2017 Hypethon will be organized in partnership with CryptoFriends, a global community of crypto-enthusiasts, investors and other actors of Blockchain-based projects, which also launches events all over the world.  

Daria Arefieva, CEO at CryptoFriends:

"We are so happy to announce strategic partnership with BlockShow Asia 2017 for the next ICO-Hypethon. Both companies share a unique vision for Blockchain events and I personally couldn't be more excited! We are combining the best ICO projects and investors, it's a real boom!"

Open window for Asian investments

BlockShow is currently the only event out there that can connect Asia to the World. There will be many international companies and projects to invest in. The event will get you closer to the Blockchain community including Blockchain startups, investors, projects, ICOs and networking. In addition, there will be startups presenting groundbreaking solutions that you can collaborate with.

In the light of the recent problems, Chinese investors got their money back as projects had to give it back and to be left without capital. Thus BlockShow is a unique opportunity for the global projects to show off in front of Asian investors, who did not even consider them until recently.

Advantages of being investor

BlockShow represents a venue for Asian investors to contribute to global projects. Ten carefully selected innovative projects will start their ICO right at BlockShow Asia during the Hypethon, while investors will be offered exclusive conditions for supporting the projects.

For two days investors will have an amazing opportunity to get an acquaintance with the projects and have a Q&A. Then BlockShow investors can take advantage of exclusive conditions to support those projects that peak their interest.

Investors should take advantage of the Investor ticket at an exclusive 30 percent discount. In order to get it, one should use the promocode: EXCLUSIVE30 (valid only for 30 first purchases), which will get the potential investors to ICOs, projects and pre-sale bonuses.

Take advantage of the opportunity now as the prices will rise significantly in six days. If you are an investor, don’t miss out on this limited time exclusive offer!

Welcome to the show!

We have been on the market for long and attract the whole community to BlockShow!

The previous Hypethon was advised and hushed by the following personalities:

Sasha Ivanov, Eyal Hertzog, Charles Xue, Eric Benz, Jon Matonis and Tone Vays. With all these experts actively participating, one cannot miss the chance to get in on the action. Additionally, Сrypto Friends is organizing a netup in Barcelona on Oct. 6, supported by United Traders, ICO bench, Wepower, Prosense, Veche.io and Stox.

Addy Crezee, CEO of BlockShow by Cointelegraph:

"Our goal for Hypethon is to offer the most innovative projects to our investors with exclusive conditions. CryptoFriends does a great job in this field, so we are happy to partner with them. New projects and investors are welcome to Hypethon on Blockshow!"

BlockShow Asia is the place to make your groundbreaking solutions heard by multiple investors, experts and get your ICO on the right track. The winners of our last competition were none other than Bancor and Status! Clearly, the competition has benefited them as they have successfully gathered more than $200 mln through ICO’s.  What are you waiting for get your submissions and register here to Hypethon, this is a unique opportunity to get your ICO launched at such a mega-popular event!