On Aug. 16-17, dozens of ambitious project teams are expected to take part in Hypethon in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The event will see a launch of their pre-ICOs and a fierce competition for the prize pool provided by ICO angels.

Saint Petersburg which is challenging Moscow in becoming the Russian Blockchain capital, has recently witnessed a “Crypto Friends” meetup organized by Eberhard Lindfordt. In a highly successful event, over 150 cryptocurrency professionals and enthusiasts gathered at the “Kreutz Flat” restaurant to talk about major trends and developments in the industry.

“Crypto Friends believe that teams with disruptive ideas shouldn’t miss out on development opportunities created by the Initial Coin Offering buzz due to the unavailability of expertise,” says Dmitry Machikhin, the founder of Eberhard Lindfordt.

Machikhin adds:

“The Hypethon will provide access to the best global experts, helping them with legal advice and technical expertise on issuing tokens on the Waves platform and Ethereum smart contracts. On top of that, the organizing team also aims at creating long-lasting trustworthy bonds and working businesses beyond the hype.”

Reality check

A lack of regulations and the presence on the market of too many projects with bad intentions make ICO angels and experts ignore a chance to get involved early in the projects worth their time and coins, Machikhin notes.

That’s where Hypethon can come into the picture to help solve the problem by bringing together the real people behind the projects with experts and ICO Angels.

The event supported by the Waves platform will be held on the premises of the "Street Art Museum" and will be open not only to the Blockchain professionals interested in the Hypethon but also to the enthusiasts, that could attend an open-air festival with lectures, movie screenings, good music and street food.

Crypto Friends

Crypto Friends event series is supported by Waves platform and run by Eberhard Lindfordt, a marketing consulting firm, specializing in the fields of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. The firm offers its services to talented teams, looking for funding through Initial Coin Offering.