The “Crypto Friends” meetup took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia on June 23, 2017. Over 150 cryptocurrency professionals and enthusiasts gathered at the “Kreutz Flat” restaurant to talk about major trends and developments in the industry.

Opponents and advocates of Blockchain technology took part in several panel discussions, as well as a Q&A session with the visitors of the event. They tackled some of the key issues that the industry is facing right now, such as the rapidly growing market of ICOs and the possible resolution of the scaling debate.

A cryptocurrency community meetup in Saint Petersburg

The meetup was concluded with a pitching session, where several Blockchain-powered startups have presented their products to the audience.

Among the experts present were Victor Dostov, head of the Russian Association of Electronic Money, and Sasha Ivanov, the CEO of the Waves platform. Ivanov described it as “the best meetup he has ever attended.”

A cryptocurrency community meetup in Saint Petersburg

This was the first in a series of events planned and organized by the Eberhard Linfordt company. Their claimed goal is to create a platform where experts and newcomers alike are free to express and share their ideas, experiences and future plans.

According to Dmitry Machikhin, the founder of Eberhard Lindfordt, that goal has been successfully achieved:

“The 150 spots were gone in two days. Moreover, we had to accommodate a long line of attendees with no prior registration, who showed up, ready to just stand up for the five-hour event. Even though providing services is our main business goal, we do believe in the power of connecting people.”

The next “Crypto Friends” meetup is set to take place on July 5, 2017, at Duran Bar in Moscow.

“The reach we had at the first meetup has shown us we are on the right track,” says Machikhin. “We plan on creating a strong community in Russia and abroad through regular meetups and other events that will educate and lobby for the market of cryptocurrency and the Blockchain. The decentralization and the opportunities that this technology has brought is motivating us to put our efforts into its wider adoption.”