Leading Indian technology company Tech Mahindra has partnered with edtech startup Idealabs to offer blockchain certification courses.

The certification course will be offered as a combination of live online and in-person, on-campus classes. Students enrolling for the course will learn about blockchain foundations, Ethereum, smart contracts, decentralized apps and Hyperledger Fabric, among other topics.

The two companies intend to build a talent pool for the blockchain industry that could meet the rising job demands. The official web page for the blockchain courses notes that there has been a 290% increase in the number of blockchain jobs over the last year.

Tech Mahindra told reporters, “There is a huge demand for blockchain talent as the scope for the technology is very wide, touching a variety of sectors like finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail and telecom.”

Chances are, Tech Mahindra itself could hire candidates certified from this course. “It will provide exciting learning opportunities for students and help Tech Mahindra with access to readily deployable resources on blockchain,” said Tech Mahindra’s blockchain leader Rajesh Dhuddu.

Blockchain courses on the rise

Many technology companies and universities all over the world have come up with new blockchain courses in recent times as the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have only heightened the demand for blockchain technology and experienced professionals in this industry.

Last month, an Australian research university, RMIT University, announced that it was adding two new postgraduate blockchain programs in collaboration with IBM. Only a few days later, Canada’s York University School of Continuing Studies also added two new blockchain programs.