The Jaxx wallet prepares to integrate with Dash over the next couple days.

Jaxx, a multi-coin, multi-platform wallet that supports cross-platform integration, as well as ShapeShift exchange integration. Anthony Di Iorio CEO of Decentral, the company that makes Jaxx, announced via Reddit the coming integration.

“For those of you who don't know, Dash will soon be integrated in Jaxx, our multi-token, multi-platform Blockchain wallet. We've been working with some of the Dash dev team over the past while and expect to launch in the coming week. Finger's crossed!”

Another step towards internet-wide

At present, Jaxx supports Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the DAO (rest in peace). Adding Dash to the mix would include three of the top cryptocurrencies (numbers 1, 2, and 7 in market cap, possibly the top 3 in use and adoption) under one single app.

As Di Iorio explains, Jaxx will hopefully unify Blockchain tech in a “one-stop shop” for people who at present need to explore many different options when seeking to use new coins with different devices.

“Our goal with Jaxx is to create an interface to Blockchain for the masses - knda like what the browser did for the internet.”

At present, Jaxx works across Android mobile/tablets, iOS mobile.tablets, PC, Mac, and Linux desktop, and as a browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome.

Dash is picking up gains in integration, possibly signalling a breakout soon

The upcoming Jaxx integration represents the second major news for Dash infrastructural development this week. Earlier this week, BlockPay debuted a multi-coin point-of-sale system, which allows a merchant to take a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Dash, and convert them to local currency deposits in a bank account. Allowing Dash to be accepted with the same ease as Bitcoin, in addition to its integration with Jaxx’s multi-platform wallet, will open doors to further gains in adoption for the cryptocurrency.