A Las Vegas club is set to introduce Bitcoin on a scale which it says “might look like a merger with the Bitcoin Investment Trust.”

RCL Hospitality, which in April will open The Legends Room of Las Vegas, a star-studded venue bridging the gambling and adult entertainment industry, has opted to make Bitcoin the go-to payment method for customer services.

“The Legends Room is the first strip club in the country and possibly the world [...] to accept Bitcoin in addition to traditional payments for all club services according to industry,” an accompanying press release states quoting Arnold Snyder of Topless Vegas Online.

In addition to paying in Bitcoin, the club will use Blockchain technology for membership activities, allowing guests “to rent their memberships like a condo regardless of where they are in the world.”

There is also a promise of the club’s own digital token, which the press release says will trade “on exchanges like Bittrex.”

No further details have yet been released about the token, Barry Silbert’s Investment Trust also keeping quiet about any real involvement.

While the move would indeed represent several firsts for Bitcoin if successful, it is neither Vegas’ nor the local adult entertainment scene’s first flirt with the digital currency.

The past few years have seen businesses from online casinos to escort agencies experiment with Bitcoin, aiming to make the environment for workers fairer in terms of income among other goals. The city even sports Bitcoin ATMs.