A crypto company is launching an aggregated exchange that enables users to trade across multiple platforms while using a single account.

TokenClub says its unified system is designed to tackle four problems currently facing the industry: convenience of trading, quality, costs and risks.

The new service means access to platforms such as Bittrex, Binance and OKEx is streamlined and delivered in one place — with commission fees that are much lower than those seen on rival exchanges, the team says.

A complementary crypto wallet has also been developed, which supports a range of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Litecoin. More coins are expected to be added in the not-too-distant future.

Other features in the pipeline include margin trading, smart routing, blockchain, automization, strategic hosting and auto-documentation. It is hoped that these capabilities will make life easier both for professional traders and more inexperienced crypto enthusiasts.

A complete ecosystem

According to TokenClub, the current processes associated with registering for a crypto exchange are cumbersome. A full application form needs to be filled out and a secure password must be chosen. For traders who want to operate across multiple exchanges in order to access a broader range of trading pairs, repeating these steps over and over can be frustrating — and it’s also hard to keep on top of passwords for each one.

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TokenClub says it has tackled this problem head on by offering a single interface with uniform features. As well as being convenient, the company says this eliminates the need for traders to navigate their way around each exchange individually, as differences in design can make it difficult to complete transactions quickly. Discounts are also being offered to reduce the costs associated with making a trade — an expense that can begin to quickly add up over time.

One of the company’s main motivations has been creating a complete ecosystem in which a community comes together for more than the ability to trade instruments. TokenClub says its vision is to build an environment where users can interact with one another and access all of the information they need to make astute decisions, “creating a place where crypto enthusiasts can spend most of their time without a need to seek other platforms to fulfill their desires.”

Across all platforms

TokenClub says its products are available on smartphones, tablets and PCs — delivering market information, live broadcasts and simulations on demand. Estimates from the company suggest that more than 500,000 people are active members of its community.

Over time, the business has bold plans to expand into new sectors, including gaming, e-commerce and social networks — creating an environment where TCT, the platform’s native currency, delivers real value and a plethora of use cases.

Already, a consulting service delivers daily market analysis and insights into trends, while a social community enables TokenClub users to reach out to their friends and colleagues through built-in instant messaging. The company says more than 400 live shows have been hosted on its platform, attracting 20 million visits, while games and contests aim to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies fun and accessible to all.

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