“Before this gets too out of hand... No, I'm definitely not Satoshi Nakamoto”, says Litecoin’s Charlie Lee in response to rumours that started circulating in the crypto community.

The rumours have surfaced after a mysterious countdown project appeared on the MIT website featuring Litecoin. Although there were no details given about what the project is, a big Litecoin logo appeared on the screen with an announcement date of August 1, 2017.

Litecoin founder = Bitcoin creator?

Due to this, there were some of his followers who speculated whether or not Charlie Lee, Litecoin creator, is also the original creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Although there is no proof that Lee is Nakamoto, rumors have slowly been circulating reaching community websites such as Reddit.

In a Reddit post, one user gave some theories as to why Lee is indeed the creator of Bitcoin as well as some theories as to why he created Litecoin after Bitcoin.

According to the Reddit user Jaw709, one of the most convincing arguments to prove this theory is Lee’s Twitter name. The Twitter name first created in 2008, was changed from X to SatoshiLite upon Litecoin's creation. This change is somewhat of a key indication that he is associated with a Satoshi (possibly Satoshi Nakamoto).

Lee outed?

Although the mysterious project countdown has the mark of Litecoin, it seems that Lee does not have any idea of it. According to a tweet by Lee, he is in the dark as to what this project is and suggests that it could be related to MIT’s lighting program. In a follow-up tweet, he also suggested that it could be a hoax made by a student in MIT and urged people to be wary of it.

In another tweet which features those rumors, he simply replied “I’ve been outed :P” in a joking manner.