New Hampshire, home to 4,150 farms comprised of 471,911 acres of farmland, is a prime destination for local, organic farm products. The state is also home to one of the most robust Bitcoin communities in the world, and as a result you can buy all your organic groceries with cryptocurrency.

The organic revolution

According to Jessica Love, one of the key organizers behind the Community Market Day Project, a network of small farmers and artisans markets, the desire for more local, natural, and pesticide-free farm products has been growing recently.

“There are more and more farmers realizing the consumer/profit benefits of offering organic, since consumers are much more aware these days of toxins that are held within the skins and flesh of the vegetables and fruits. Many non organic farmers are offering food that is lightly sprayed with non toxic pesticides.”

Bardo Farm and Community Market Day Project

Bardo Farm, a farm in Croyden, accepts Bitcoin for its products, including beef, pork, and eggs. Additionally, Community Market Day events, which often feature Bardo products, are very Bitcoin-friendly, with the vast majority of vendors accepting it as payment (and the few outliers rapidly following suit). There are currently Community Market Day events in Manchester, Concord, Keene, Portsmouth, Northfield, and Salisbury, although the project is rapidly growing and may soon include more locations.’s Farmers Market

Another option for organic fare for Bitcoin in New Hampshire is through farms that sell through on the online retailer’s Farmers Market section. Although the farms themselves may not even be familiar with cryptocurrency, accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment, allowing all farms that sell through it to inadvertently accept crypto.

Whole Foods

Finally, organic supermarket Whole Foods has two locations in New Hampshire, in Bedford and Nashua. While Whole Foods itself does not accept Bitcoin, Gyft, you can use Bitcoin to buy a Whole Foods gift card through Gyft, which does. Though one small extra step is involved, you can effectively pay for your groceries from Whole Foods with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin catching on more and more with farmers markets

Though not a traditionally tech-savvy group, according to Love, many farmers are opening up to the value of accepting Bitcoin for their products.

“Bitcoin is being more widely accepted in many businesses including farmers markets. It's a tough road, but farmers are becoming very aware of Bitcoin's value. If a farmer accepts Bitcoin, they are able to offer an alternative way to trade for goods and services, which in turn opens up their market for more spending power from the consumer.”