The development team behind Nextcoin, or NXT as it’s more commonly called, has reached out to their users everywhere to crowdfund the hands-on crypto education of Czech university students.

As a result, the University of Economics in Prague now offers a class called “NXT for Students.” It has 60 participants, each of whom received coins donated by the NXT community. The main thrust of the course is for the students to develop applications for NXT on their own or in groups, and to use those applications to earn more of the cryptocurrency. The students who’ve earned the most additional money at the end of the semester will split a reward of 10,000 NXT for their accomplishments. (Who knew that college could teach real life skills?)


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The students’ first lecture on the basics of cryptocurrency was recorded and uploaded to YouTube with subtitles. The NXT developers who built support for the course hope that applications beyond just money will be explored by the students, as well, like NXT’s native messaging capabilities and readiness for smart contracts. The developers anticipate that the students may come up with even more uses.

A press release by the University summarizes the overarching goal of the course.

“It is up to the students, if they want to earn more NXT, to find a job paid in crypto, build their own business or simply buy them. So this isn’t just an educational course, but also a social experiment with implemented sociological theories.”

NXT enthusiasts from around the world have made themselves available to the students to answer questions or provide feedback on their entrepreneurial projects. A final video conference will be held at the end of the semester, in which all the students will present their projects to the NXT donors and supporters for review.

Meanwhile, a German sociologist has been developing a questionnaire to be anonymously completed by the students. The results of the questionnaire are scheduled to be published in various scientific journals and presented at futurist conferences.

Learn more about the project at NXT’s Pro Student Blog (and get your translator app ready if you don’t speak Czech).

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