As is becoming the norm, the newest announcement from Nxt is not about a product “in development,” but one that’s available as of today.

The client-side encrypted Nxt wallet MyNXT is no longer just a wallet. It is now equipped with what can be thought of as an app store. Its store consists of plug-ins that connect a user directly to any Nxt-powered app. The store currently offers a plug-in to the Nxt Asset Exchange, and the team now welcomes all developers to create the plug-ins that will connect to any other Nxt-powered app.

Developers can either make their plug-ins free, or charge a fee for them, just like in the iOS or Google Play app stores.

Seeking Security and Decentralization

A problem for crypto developers has been the barriers to entry. There are usually technical hoops to jump through, such as becoming a node, before offering a blockchain-based app. Nxt wanted to eliminate those barriers with their plug-in store. “I can only imagine the types of things that people will create, and this is exactly the point,” says MyNXT founder abuelau.

“I want others to come and build cool apps that we would not have thought of ourselves, without having to worry about setting up NXT nodes or how to securely store user credentials.”

Apps currently needing a plug-in for the plug-in store include the Nxt Freemarket (decentralized eBay), NxtStarter (decentralized Kickstarter), and CryptoCoins (a BTC/NXT hedge fund). Any future Nxt apps will also benefit from a plug-in.

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