As cryptocurrency advocates continue their efforts to bring to light the true nature of OneCoin, the company seem to have resulted to a media-muzzling and intimidation.

No going back

Norwegian Blockchain professional, Bjorn Bjercke tells of his resolve not to allow any form of bullying or intimidation to hinder his advocacy in ridding the Blockchain community of OneCoin that he describes as “cancer to the cryptocurrency community”.

Bjercke says:

“OneCoin Ltd., with the help of their attorney, has sent me a threatening letter saying I have to withdraw my statements and remove Youtube videos, and articles. I also have to apologize publicly or else they will file a suit against me for their economic losses due to the harm I have caused them. In my opinion OneCoin is like a cancer to the cryptocurrency community. I cannot give up, I cannot hide the truth, I cannot stay quiet about OneCoin/OneLife being a SCAM”.

Having been approached in the past by OneCoin to become a member of their team, an offer which Bjercke turned down after realizing the truth about the OneCoin and OneLife project, he is now considered as a whistleblower and a threat to their community.

Unconventional warfare

The present threat of a lawsuit by OneCoin may be seen as tactics to stall further exposure of the internal workings of the organization. This, they may want to achieve using the large legal funds at their disposal.

With his resolve never to relent in his advocacy and efforts to save the public from what he describes as a major scam, Bjercke solicits the support of everyone who can to participate in bringing down OneCoin. He gives examples of people who have made efforts in the past in taking down the OneCoin/OneLife Youtube channels.

The showdown begins

However, Bjercke tells Cointelegraph that “the wheels are now rolling”, on a day that he describes to have been a “lawful” day - May 02 2017, when lots of evidence of crime have been filed against OneCoin.

He also notes of his effort to continue informing the public about the OneCoin/OneLife affair as he adds historical articles to the list on his blog.

Bjercke looks forward to a showdown as he claims to be waiting impatiently for the revealing of the "whitepaper" on the SQL Server, no and "Blockchain" Simulator which is slated for the OneCoin event in Macau slated for May 07 2017, if at all it still holds.

This is because the news of the event being shut down by the Chinese authority appears to be the latest headache for the OneCoin community.

Having solicited for support through donations from the public peradventure the situation boils down to acquiring the services of an attorney, Bjercke tells Cointelegraph that he has received a few responses which he appreciates.

He reveals his expectation for more support as he notes that any unused funds for legal purposes shall be donated for educating the victims of OneCoin/OneLife in real cryptocurrency.