Apple has reversed its decision to ban apps supporting privacy-focused altcoin Dash from its App Store.

Having determined Dash-based products, including the official Dash wallet, were inappropriate in August 2016, the tech giant has U-turned on its appraisal.

Dash can now debut on one of the world’s biggest marketplaces, where it joins other virtual currencies including Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin as well as Bitcoin.

Commenting on the news, Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor sounded forgiving.

“Apple is in a difficult position,” he said in a press release issued Wednesday.

“Ultimately, they are attempting to look out for user safety by preventing less reputable projects from accessing the Apple Store ecosystem. Apple has shown a willingness to allow worthy digital currencies into their platform, but that requires an incredible amount of due diligence on their part.”

Dash has managed to cement increasingly prominent partnerships in recent months, continuing a style which emerged immediately after the asset’s price began regularly topping $200 earlier this year.

The turnaround at Apple emerged from a subsequent request, Taylor said, based on the “growth and innovation” of Dash since August.

“We asked Apple to reconsider Dash’s status because we have a compelling story of continued growth and innovation,” he continued.

“[...] Additionally, we want to meet our users’ demands, and support on Apple products ranks at the top of the list of our user wishes.”