The blockchain industry moves fast — and this means it's crucial for major protocols to evolve in line with the latest innovations, keeping up with customer demand.

Shield Protocol initially launched in February 2021, and its team say they have been working tirelessly to provide additional utility for users — boosting its app with even more services.

The project says it is delivering two-factor authentication on the blockchain for the first time, and this means users can back up and restore their accounts on Binance Smart Chain, Kucoin Community Chain, Fantom Opera and Polygon.

For crypto investors, the incentive is simple: they no longer need to rely on centralized servers where there's a risk their personal data is being collected.

In a nod to interoperability, Shield Protocol says that it's compatible with major crypto exchanges, not to mention some of the world's biggest social networks — Facebook and Twitter among them. It's even possible to add 2FA to your Amazon account with this tool, preventing your Prime subscription from being misused by fraudsters.

Within the app, users can take advantage of a multi-chain wallet where over 10 networks are currently supported, with more being added on a regular basis. This means coins can be sent, received and stored in one place — irrespective of the blockchain they're based on.

Diving into NFTs

Shield Protocol's journey over the past 18 months hasn't ended here, with the team also unveiling an NFT collection that boasts 1,111 ERC-721 tokens.

Known as Shield Warrior Ape Gang — or SWAG for short — owners can get their hands on legendary and unique collectibles and even have the potential to earn rewards if they choose to stake their NFTs.

SWAG holders also have the chance to be placed on a whitelist for subsequent collections and use their NFT to access tools and products across the Shield ecosystem — making it a passport to a world of opportunity.

Overall, Shield Protocol is far from a one-trick pony — instead, it's constantly vying to add value, with even more big tech updates in the pipeline. The project told Cointelegraph that it plans to offer healthy competition to rivals in the space by becoming a one-stop-shop for all of a crypto enthusiast's needs.

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Big ambitions

Of course, the worlds of crypto and Web3 are becoming increasingly interconnected — and Shield Protocol says it's determined to be a first mover here, too.

The project is planning to build a Web3 browser that'll bring the whole DApp ecosystem inside its own app, adding another layer of convenience for users.

Super apps are increasingly popular right now, giving everything users need in one place.

According to Shield Protocol CEO Rahul Sharma, the team is planning to release more security tools this year to save the users’ private data from unauthorized data breaches in crypto as well as the non-crypto world. So, the team is focusing and researching more on existing security problems and their solutions.

And as the platform works to help crypto enthusiasts secure their online accounts using blockchain technology, it's setting its sights on reaching over four billion internet users who have logins they need to protect — delivering an elegant and esthetically pleasing interface that's easy to use.

So far, its apps on Android and iOS have been downloaded more than 60,000 times — and demand is only set to grow as more consumers begin to embrace blockchain technology.

Shield's core team members collectively have more than 15 years of experience in blockchain, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence — and its smart contracts have been verified through security audits performed by the Callisto Network.

Dozens of milestones have been achieved over the past 12 months, and on the project's website, users can see what's coming up next through a comprehensive and easy-to-understand checklist.

The impact of a hacked Facebook account or a compromised crypto wallet can be devastating. But with Shield Protocol, you can beef up your protection with blockchain.

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