Singapore Crypto Conference Brings Together Academia, Businesses and Regulators

While much of the payments and financial world was in Las Vegas at Money20/20 last week, about 250 researchers, business people and policymakers met in Singapore to have a frank conversation about the Asian financial hub’s role in the cryptoeconomy.

The Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics at Singapore Management University hosted the two-day conference on November 4 and 5 in cooperation with the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association in an effort to bring together diverse opinions and viewpoints on whether Singapore could become an epicenter for cryptocurrency businesses and innovation.

The conference brought nearly two dozen panelists from around the world to discuss

  • the innovation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based finance,

  • mobile payment systems,

  • accountancy issues with cryptocurrencies,

  • the technology’s role in FinTech going forward,

  • and whether Singapore can become the technology’s Silicon Valley.

That last question begs some exploration, as it suggests a great deal of opportunity, about which conference organizers and panelists spoke with me.

Why Singapore?

The city-state is already well-known for being a business-friendly jurisdiction and panelist Scott Robinson, Director of FinTech and Marketing at Plug and Play Tech Center, touched on that point.

“Plug and Play sees the Singapore ecosystem as conducive to an ideal FinTech market for innovation,” Robinson said. “For starters, Singapore includes an