A completely decentralized, NFT-based crypto advertising billboard has launched.

Cell Land says that it is giving up to 14,400 brands the opportunity to purchase pixels — and this could attract millions of unique views per month.

Overall, the advertising billboard measures up at 900 x 1600 pixels. A total of 14,400 cells are up for grabs, each of them measuring 10 x 10 pixels.

Each cell can be rented in a secure and decentralized way — and ownership can also be transferred to others without third-party intervention.

One prominent chunk of Cell Land’s real estate was recently donated to the crypto CEO who garnered the most support in a Twitter campaign — Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

About 2,880 cells cannot be purchased at present. How this space is used will be determined by a community vote at a later date. A decentralized autonomous organization has been established to ensure that token holders can have their say on the project’s future direction.

It’s worth noting that two types of tokens are in operation on this ecosystem. Well CELL is the NFT that confirms someone owns a particular cell on the billboard, CLD are utility tokens that have been designed to an ERC-20 standard.

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It appears that there’s a lot of interest surrounding what Cell Land has to offer. Last month, the project put a screenshot of the blank billboard on OpenSea in NFT form. It was subsequently snapped up by an unknown user for 8.4 ETH — worth about $20,000 at the time.

Two subsequent screenshots will emerge in the not-too-distant future — one when the billboard is half full, and the other when every single pixel has been accounted for.

Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam has predicted that 90% of NFTs will be worthless within three to five years, but Cell Land believes that the technology underpinning this asset class will prove important and incredibly valuable over the long run.

An array of launches is planned for the next 12 months. Crowdsales will begin for Cell Land’s NFTs and the utility token that underpins the platform. An advertising management panel will also make its debut, and mining will be unveiled using proof-of-action.

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