An app that cuts out middlemen and mediators to put the power of personal finance in your hands has unveiled a major upgrade.

Blockbank says the plethora of improvements and new features coming with V3 will be hugely beneficial to crypto newcomers, as well as experienced investors.

An upgraded user interface delivers an easy, elegant and clean way of accessing centralized finance, decentralized finance and neobanking services in one place.

Know Your Customer (KYC) checks are also being sped up, and support for driving licenses means it'll be even faster than ever.

The on and offramp that links fiat and crypto now delivers low fees too — with research continually suggesting that this is a particular pain point for investors.

But perhaps most significant of all is the news that blockbank will now be open to users in the U.S. and Canada for the first time — unlocking access to a vibrant, important market.

A true crypto super app 

Super apps have taken China by storm — now, hundreds of millions of consumers there have the whole world at their fingertips. From social media to shopping, everything can be achieved in one place.

Elon Musk recently shared his desire to bring this concept to the West as part of his acquisition of Twitter. But blockbank is one step ahead of the game, especially considering it's already made the integrations required to achieve super app status.

One headline-grabbing collaboration is with Avalanche. V3 of blockbank means this protocol, and the hundreds of tokens it accommodates, will be available to all users. Swaps can be achieved directly from the app — and developers say it's both seamless and blazingly fast.

V3 also introduces an integration with Unstoppable Domains, the leaders in the decentralized domain space. The application users will be able to purchase custom domain names without leaving the application and replace a complicated wallet address.

Crucially, none of this has been at the expense of security. Blockbank recently entered into a high-profile partnership with Fireblocks, which has made its name as a top-tier digital asset security infrastructure company. This collaboration has resulted in introducing new security layers to the app — further fortifying funds. The goal is simple: to shield customers from cyberattacks, and reduce the risks associated with human error.

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Making crypto foolproof

Countless consumers around the world are incredibly keen to find out what the world of crypto has to offer. Unfortunately, they're confronted with clunky designs, monstrous deposit, withdrawal and transaction fees, as well as overly technical language. And more often than not, fragmentation means they need to have accounts with multiple exchanges. This can be a nightmare to manage — especially if funds need to be moved fast. That's why blockbank ensures assets can be held and exchanged within its wallet, without depositing.

Anastasija Plotnikova, co-founder and CEO of blockbank, told Cointelegraph: "When developing V3, some tasks were rather easy. Others felt it was similar to launching a rocket. Yet we did not give up on any of the features and brought an impressive update to our app."

This isn't a project that plans to sit still. Looking ahead, a shiny new debit card will make its debut later this year — offering even more utility for users. And according to the blockbank team, further exciting news and features are coming to the application in the near future — with the community at the center of everything it does.

Blockbank was also announced as a winner of the European Fintech Hackcelerator powered by Accelpoint and was invited to participate in the Singapore Fintech Festival by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on November 2-4. The crowned winner, blockbank, was the only female-led company participating in the event.

While crypto has taken great strides in offering a compelling alternative to the inflexible, fiat-focused world of traditional finance, there's still some way to go before it becomes dominant. Thanks to blockbank, crypto and fiat are being united together in one place.

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