With the UK still recovering from Brexit, Stratis, a London-based blockchain solutions company with the goal of building a Blockchain Development Platform for developing blockchain apps has raised over £100,000 worth of BTC from its ICO.

Kicking off its ICO in June, Stratis offers their blockchain token which is used to run the Stratis blockchain and sidechain features to any participants of the ICO. Stratis has 84,000,000 Stratis tokens for sale to investors.

Once developed, Stratis will allow anyone to create and manage blockchains within minutes with the ability to customise their own private sidechains which will be secured by the main Stratis blockchain, allowing developers and small companies to experiment with blockchains, not just large companies such as JPMorgan-Chase and the Deutsche Bank.

Chris Trew, Founder of Stratis states:

“Our company is primarily on blockchain provisioning for the business community in an increasingly digital economy. Blockchain is a game changer but there is still a real need to lower the barriers to entry so that more people can get involved with the technology, discover it’s utility and ultimately be able to compete in a changing marketplace”

Changing Blockchain-as-a-Service

The Stratis platform itself will be cloud-based and will be an open-source Bitcoin full node framework written in C# and the Microsoft .NET framework rather than Bitcoin’s original C++ node with several added features allowing it to be easier to maintain existing code and make it more attractive to developers.

According to Stratis, Bitcoin core developer, Nicolas Dorier has brought his Bitcoin expertise to the Stratis team.

While Ethereum has its smart contracts and WAVES has its custom blockchain asset features, Stratis will be changing Blockchain-as-a-Service by implementing custom, private sidechains which will decrease the amount of time and resources spent attempting to clone the Bitcoin blockchain while still giving organisations the full features of blockchain technology ready to deploy at the click of a button.