A week ago the spokesman for Alpha 7 Trading Academy, Ed Gitlin announced that they now allow their users to pay both with Bitcoin and its younger sibling, Litecoin.

Why the sudden love for crypto?

The reasoning behind the choice was not explained by Gitlin but he claims that all risks regarding the volatility of the Bitcoin are negated by the use of Coinbase payment processor. Although, I do not see how are how are they going to pull this trick with LTC, or will they use GoCoin for that purpose? The payment with Bitcoin is pretty intuitive, just a few clicks and a QR-code away from the customer.

What’s Alpha 7 Trading Academy?

Well, that’s an easy one, basically they are teaching people how to trade stock. That’s actually, according to the site’s FAQ is their “job and purpose”. A different question is why are they so popular?

"The reason is the lecturer and the main person behind the project."

- Jea Yu

If you are on to stock then you should know the guy. Great experience with US equity markets, 4 bestsellers and 4 years in row chosen as Forbes Best of the Web.

Another thing that attracts new and seasoned traders to the courses is the platform itself. Nice interface, fast-paced lessons and emphasis on practice over theory. Exactly what is required by web-learners around the globe.

There is also an option of getting the certificate after the successful passing of the courses. 

Plans for the future

Gitlin also pointed out that Litecoin will not be the last of the cryptocurrencies they are willing to accept, explaining that as their contribution to digital coin business. Well, what can I say besides “good news” and “Go, Go Doge!”