A couple’s year living off Bitcoin which became a movie has debuted on controversial US network VidAngel.

Following newlyweds Beccy and Austin Craig, "Life On Bitcoin" has received the go-ahead after it was first conceived in 2013.

The Craigs spent 100 days living completely free of the US dollar, something since echoed by other US projects for longer or shorter periods.

VidAngel is an interesting portal for the movie, the service known for filtering out allegedly non-family-friendly content from mainstream movies.

The service has also branched out into its own homegrown content, however, and will premier Life On Bitcoin privately before moving to YouTube, iTunes and Amazon.com, CEO Neal Harmon told Hollywood Reporter in exclusive comments.

"The more filtering the audiences do, the lower the royalties, so we have comedians from New York and Los Angeles bending over backwards to be family friendly,” he said.

The move appears not to be entirely random; Harmon is a fan of Bitcoin over the movie itself, he says, even admitting he pays his children in the virtual currency for domestic chores.

"My 14-year-old son mows the lawn, and he'd rather be paid in Bitcoin," he added. "It's a system you can predict. You know the rules, and the rules won't change."