The Blockchain platform Waves has announced the release of its own decentralized exchange, DEX, on its mainnet.

The exchange, which Waves hopes will improve on previous attempts at decentralized trading with new features, is available via a full node or through the API. Later, the resource will become available to all users.

CEO Sasha Ivanov released the details via Twitter Tuesday.

DEX facilitates trading of any given pair of currencies, thanks to a matching engine at near-instant speed, despite all transactions still being executed on the Blockchain.

“Matcher nodes pair buyers and sellers, executing trades instantly whilst still ensuring these are ultimately settled on the Blockchain for maximum transparency and security,” a release about the exchange on Core Media explains.

“Previous decentralized exchanges have proven slow and unreliable because it was impossible to know whether an order had successfully been filled until a block was confirmed.”

In tandem with the DEX news, Waves is releasing so-called Leased Proof-of-Stake, a function which will allow users to release mining power to full nodes in return for rewards.

Capacity has meanwhile been a focus for the project this year, a press release announcing in January “a series of measures to enable greater network scalability.”