Weekend Roundup: Braintree to Accept BTC, Satoshi’s Email Hacked, and Coinbase and BitPay Entrench Further in Europe

1. PayPal Acquisition Braintree Partnering with Coinbase, Will Accept BTC

On Monday, PayPal pre-empted Apple’s big day by announcing that Braintree would soon roll out Bitcoin payments.

“Braintree merchants using Coinbase will receive all the benefits associated with accepting bitcoin payments, including 1% flat transaction fees (waived for the first $1M in bitcoin sales) with no additional costs, all while avoiding exposure to any currency volatility risk thanks to Coinbase’s Instant Exchange feature,’ Coinbase posted on its blog.”

2. Satoshi Nakamoto’s Email Account Hacked

On Tuesday, Diana Ngo reported on a hacker who somehow got access to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s email account.

“According to the press, the hacker is named ‘Jeffrey’ and said he obtained crucial information on Bitcoin's creator's true identity. While Jeffrey didn't mention how exactly he compromised Nakamoto's old email account, the alleged hacker noted: ‘The fool used a primary gmx under his full name and had aliases set up underneath it. He’s also alive.’"

3. Coinbase Opens Up BTC Buy/Sell Options to 13 European Countries

On Thursday, Alyssa Hertig reported on Coinbase’s open beta that will allow users in 13 EU countries to buy and sell Bitc