The extent of CIA spying on consumers through their devices has become the subject of active research following the release of WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 data.

After revelations, the US security agency was bypassing end-user encryption on popular services such as Telegram and Whatsapp, and even recording Skype calls, WikiLeaks has produced a list of implicated domains.

WikiLeaks Creates List of CIA Targeted Consumer Devices: Vault 7

Subject to continuous update, various companies, products, terms and tools are ranked according to whether they were targeted by the CIA.

Names appearing under the red ‘targeted’ category include Apple, Asus and Huawei, the first of these having gained considerable publicity following the initial WikiLeaks release.

The company said it would be “rapidly addressing” the security flaws unearthed by Vault 7.

Microsoft meanwhile remains in the ‘unchecked’ list, having formed the center of suspicion for possible involvement in CIA-related activities.

Responding to Vault 7, entrepreneur Kim Dotcom even called on Bill Gates himself to “tell the truth” about what may have occurred, along with calling for shorting of the company’s shares.

Also making the ‘targeted’ list are several Samsung smartphone models, including Galaxy Note and Galaxy Star, as well as its F8000 Smart TV.

The Vault 7 data suggested the CIA was using smart TVs as listening pieces by gaining control of microphones.